What is Scalable WordPress hosting and how to accomplish one?

Scalable WordPress hosting

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It might seem as if scalable wordpress hosting is an overused buzzword, but in this article we’ll explore exactly what it means, how it can benefit you and why you should care about it.

How Scalable WordPress Hosting Can Save You Time and Money, and Help Your Business Grow

Are you running your own WordPress Hosting? Most of us are. We probably started out in the beginning with some simple shared hosting. Maybe you have even switched from shared to VPS hosting, or even dedicated hosting. But one of the reasons why we are still on shared hosting is because we didn’t realize that we should be doing it differently. Let’s face it; we didn’t really understand it until it was too late. And that’s where the problems start. You see, your shared hosting is probably a bit outdated now. It was built a long time ago and was built for the needs of that time. And it works, but it’s not necessarily the best solution for your business now. This is why I’m going to explain to you what a scalable WordPress hosting is, and why it can save you time and money.

We all started out with simple shared hosting. Then we upgraded to something better, which was usually dedicated hosting. Then we upgraded again to VPS hosting, which is usually a better solution. Now, the problem is that you are on shared hosting, and it isn’t necessarily the best solution for your WordPress website. That’s why you need to look at it again, and see if you can upgrade your shared hosting to a scalable WordPress hosting.

Scalable WordPress hosting means having the capability to scale the amount of resources or servers needed to run the site up as traffic increases, without downtime or any kind of slow-down.

1. Is it scalable?

If you don’t think your wordpress site is scalable, it could cause performance issues. As a blog owner, you will eventually want to get bigger and grow your readership. WordPress is great for small businesses but if you ever want to take your blog to the next level you need to think about adding a scalable wordpress hosting that’s designed for larger websites.

2. Is it affordable?

You’ll never find a better value for your money on WordPress hosting solution than MrGoodhost, especially yearly subscriptions price with 2 months free, plus there’s a 30 day money back guarantee so you can test the waters before committing to anything. It may be a bit more expensive than other hosts but MrGoodhost is committed to quality customer service, reliability, and security. We’re a reliable choice for any business owner or professional blogger looking to host websites.

3. Is it easy to set up?

The process of setting up your WordPress blog can be a real headache and a total pain for many people who don’t know what they’re doing. Fortunately, with MrGoodhost you do not have to worry about any of these, since we will install it automatically for you once you signup for an account.

4. Does it include everything you need to get started with WordPress?

Short answer is yes. We will setup wordpress from A to Z for you including SSL certificates, security parameters, server side caching, performance settings, backup options, one click staging, easy database access with phpmyadmin etc.

5. Are there limitations?

Yes there are some limitations for example some forbidden plugins that may affect server security and performance, you can see a more detailed list here on these. Another limitation might be set with your subscribed plan bandwidth and disk spacing. But these could be easily changed with an account upgrade to a bigger plan.

6. Who can I contact for support?

Please check out our contact us page for more details.

In conclusion, We are hosting many WordPress sites on our Scalable Hosting platform. There are many reasons why you may want to consider scalability. One of the best is the ability to upgrade your WordPress version without needing to purchase a new server. Another reason is that you can host multiple websites on the same server with only a little additional setup required for each site. MrGoodhost Scalable WordPress Hosting also has one of the fastest WordPress setups around. It’s also one of the most reliable hosts on the market. MrGoodHost Scalable Hosting offers a 99.95% + uptime guarantee and a full money back guarantee. MrGoodhost have a 30 day money back guarantee . If you are thinking about switching to a different host, give MrGoodhost a try.

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