Legal Information

The legal information at glance is part of our transparent business

Clearly stated terms of service agreement, service level agreement, privacy policies, data handling and copyright documents are the foundation of a transparent business. We put great value on the transparency of our company’s business practices. 
Contact our support team if you have any additional questions or need clarifications about any of those documents.

Terms of Service

The Terms of Service summarize the details and circumstances of the services MrGoodhost provides. 

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy provides information on how we collect, process, and share the personal data of external individuals to our company.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The SLA describes the availability of our service, our error response objectives, and the consequences on our part in case we fail to comply with these objectives.

Data Processing Addendum

The Data Processing Addendum defines our obligations under EU privacy laws.

Acceptable Use Policy

The policy clearly states what type of websites we do and do not provide our services.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy

The purpose of this policy is to clearly explain the steps a copyright owner can contact us in case there is intellectual property abuse by any of our clients.

Affiliate Terms of Service

The affiliate policy summarizes the conditions we provide our affiliate program and our obligations to our affiliate partners.

Cookie Policy

Our cookie policy explains how we handle cookie data and allow our website visitors to control or remove their collected cookie data.

PCI Compliance

In this document, you can read about MrGoodhost PCI compliance.